Some books I have edited

I have more than 11 years' experience editing both non-fiction and fiction. Here you can get some idea of the kinds of books I have edited over those years.


Copy-editing for publishers

I am proud to be part of the team of freelance copy-editors working with Out of House Publishing Solutions, a publishing project management service based in the UK. A complete list would be too long, so here is a selection of books I have copy-edited for them over the years.


Keith Johnson, The History of Early English. Routledge, 2016.


Peter J. Adams, Moral Jeopardy: Risks of Accepting Money from the Alcohol, Tobacco and Gambling Industries. Cambridge University Press, 2016.


Brian Pullan, Tolerance, Regulation and Rescue: Dishonoured Women and Abandoned Children in Italy, 1300–1800. Manchester University Press, 2016.


Alan Barnard, Language in Prehistory. Cambridge University Press, 2016.


Sylviane Granger, Gaëtanelle Gilquin & Fanny Meunier, The Cambridge Handbook of Learner Corpus Research. Cambridge University Press, 2015.


Anat Stavans and Charlotte Hoffmann, Multilingualism. Cambridge University Press, 2015.


Robert Lake, A Social History of Tennis in Britain. Routledge, 2014.


Teun A. van Dijk, Discourse and Knowledge: A Sociocognitive Approach. Cambridge University Press, 2014.


Aneta Pavlenko, The Bilingual Mind: And What It Tells Us About Language and Thought. Cambridge University Press, 2014.


Julie Tetel Andresen, Linguistics and Evolution. Cambridge University Press, 2013.


Arthur Cropley & David Cropley, Creativity and Crime. Cambridge University Press, 2013.


April McMahon & Robert McMahon, Evolutionary Linguistics. Cambridge University Press, 2012.


Rebecca Probert, The Changing Regulation of Cohabitation: From Fornicators to Family, 1600–2010. Cambridge University Press, 2012.


Warren Maguire & April McMahon, Analysing Variation in English. Cambridge University Press, 2011.


Peter Trudgill, Investigations in Sociohistorical Linguistics: Stories of Colonisation and Contact. Cambridge University Press, 2010.


Judith Buchanan, Shakespeare on Silent Film, Cambridge University Press, 2009.


Directly for publishers

In some cases, I have worked directly for a small publisher:


Anthony Cleary, Nobody Comes. Crux Publishing, 2014.


James Wallman, Stuffocation. Crux Publishing, 2013.


Kate Atkin, The Confident Manager: Lessons in Confidence and Communication for Successful Managers. HotHive Books, 2008.


Rob Hemming, Shazam! The History of a Regal Cinema. Word4Word, 2008.


Academics preparing for publication

I sometimes edit for non-native academics, preparing their books for publishing.


Branislav Radeljić (ed.), Debating European Identity: Bright Ideas, Dim Prospects. Peter Lang, 2013.


Branislav Radeljić (ed.), Europe and the Post-Yugoslav Space. Ashgate, 2013.


Erika Cudworth and Stephen Hobden (eds), Posthuman International Relations: Complexity, Ecologism and Global Politics. Zed Books, 2011.




Kenneth Ballantyne, Holding the Line. Laundry Cottage Books, 2016.


John Trotman, 'J' for Johnnie (2nd edn.). Laundry Cottage Books, 2015.


Kenneth Ballantyne, First  Wave. Laundry Cottage Books, 2013.


Kenneth Ballantyne, All the Things You Are. Laundry Cottage Books, 2012.


Kenneth Ballantyne, Another Dawn Another Dusk. Laundry Cottage Books, 2009.


Trevor Robinson, From Sunrise to Sunset, Aspect Design, 2014 (biography of a farmer, published locally).



Baron Gold, 2084: The End of Money. Geerk, 2014.


Ranjan Kumar Singh, Surya, the God and His Abode. Parijat, 2009.


Academic papers

I have edited papers for academics in the UK and across the world on a range of subjects, including intellectual property rights (Aston University, Birmingham), international relations (University of East London), development (London School of Economics), and economics (Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia).



All my fiction work has been for independent authors, often in preparation for self-publishing. Almost all of it has involved continuity and fact checking as well as more general editing and proofreading. The following illustrates the range of fiction editing I have undertaken, and is not an exhaustive list.


John Ruttley, Mason's Knot. Holroyd Publications, 2016 (a detective story).


Ted Dunphy, The Devil to Pay. Canaan-Star Publishing, 2015.


Ted Dunphy, Don’t Poke the Fire. Canaan-Star Publishing, 2015.


Ted Dunphy, Rowing Down the World to Auckland. Canaan-Star Publishing, 2015.


Peter Maher, The Cortex. Kite and Key Publishing, 2012 (a sci-fi/fantasy novel telling of a quest, and love and war on a galactic scale).


Barry Jenkinson, Keeper’s Findings. Strategic Publishing, 2010 (a murder mystery set in rural Shropshire).


Robert Le Normand, Kendulla. Willow Bank Publishers, 2008 (a fantasy novel about the struggle between good and evil).


John Ruttley, The Devil Finds Work. Holroyd Publications, 2005 (a novel set in the North East’s shipbuilding yards in the 1970s).


John Ruttley, Idle Hands. Holroyd Publications, 2007 (sequel to The Devil Finds Work).


John Ruttley, Voice of the Devil. Holroyd Publications, 2010 (a detective story). 


Fernando Trujillo, Tedd and Todd’s Secret: The Big Ben Mystery, 2nd edn. Tedd y Todd escritores asocioados, 2010 (translation from Spanish, a surreal mystery set in London).