Editing and proofreading for businesses


Why would a business need an editor or proofreader?

Everything you write says something about you, your business, your values. Errors, bad grammar, unclear language, inappropriate style can all distract readers and detract from your message.


Errors and lack of clarity can arise for many reasons, few of them to do with the skill of the writer. Many problems arise as a result of multiple authorship, frequent changing and rearranging of text, or tight deadlines. Even your spell-checker can introduce errors. Whatever their source, errors can diminish the impact your document has on its readers.


You and your staff are experts in what you do, but checking your own writing is both costly and inefficient: costly because your staff have better things to do with their skills, and inefficient because it is almost impossible to spot errors or lack of clarity in one’s own work. As a professional editor and proofreader, I come to a document fresh and can check every detail efficiently.


How can I help you?

  • If all you want is a fresh pair of eyes I will correct any errors and ensure consistency and fluency.
  • I can also provide a fuller editing service that involves more major rewording to ensure the message is clear and coherent, and the style is consistent and appropriate to the document.


Still undecided?

So, why employ an editor? Well, it's hard to measure the value of an editor in terms of cold hard cash, but back in 2010, a small IBM study found that edited web pages resulted in 30% more visitor engagement (as measured by number of clicks to desired pages) than unedited pages.*


And, of course, an editor can save you from considerable embarrassment, as anyone who has ever written about 'pubic services' or talked about their 'senior mangers' can testify.


Businesses I have worked with

  • Proofreading valuation reports for Sidney Phillips, Herefordshire-based business property agents (2015–present)
  • Proofeading online articles for Kukkamäki Limited (On the Sauce Again website) (2015–present)
  • Editing H&S training manuals for ACT Associates (2014–15)
  • Proofreading the Wiggly Wigglers catalogue (2014–present)
  • Proofing articles for Clearly Presented, a presentation design company that publishes several online magazines every week (2004–present).
  • Editing reports, project proposals and other documents for Accipio Consulting, a German speech technology consultancy (2006–present).
  • Regular articles on art for London dealer publishing in Spears WMS (2006–present)
  • Proofreading tree-ring dating reports for Tree-Ring Services (2010–present)
  • Proofing articles for Brit’mag, a magazine for English-speaking people living in north-west France (2008–11)
  • Sub-editing and proofing information pages on AngloINFO website for anglophones living abroad (2006–08)


*James Mathewson of IBM in a Digital Book World article on 14 July 2010: 'How to Measure the Value of Editors')