Editing and proofreading for businesses


Why would your business need a proofreader?


Everything you write says something about you, your business, your values. 


Errors and lack of clarity can arise for many reasons, few of them to do with the knowledge or skill of the writer. Sometimes problems arise as a result of many people working on a document, frequent changing and rearranging of text, or tight deadlines. Even your spell-checker can introduce errors. Whatever their source, errors can diminish the impact your document has on its readers.


You and your staff are experts in what you do, but checking your own writing is:

  • costly because your staff have better things to do with their skills, and
  • inefficient because it is almost impossible to spot errors or lack of clarity in your own work.

As a professional editor and proofreader, I come to your document fresh and can check every detail efficiently.


And, of course, an editor can save you from considerable embarrassment, as anyone who has ever written about 'pubic services' or talked about their 'senior mangers' can testify.


How can I help you?

  • If all you want is a fresh pair of eyes, I will correct any errors and ensure consistency and fluency.
  • I can also provide a fuller editing service that involves more major rewording to ensure the message is clear and coherent, and the style is consistent and appropriate to the document.


Businesses I have worked with

  • Tree-Ring Services: proofreading tree-ring dating reports 
  • On the Sauce Again: proofreading blog articles 
  • Call Centre Helper: proofreading magazine articles
  • Sidney Phillips, Herefordshire-based business property agents: proofreading valuation reports
  • The Speaker With the Orange Tie: proofreading workshop descriptions
  • Accipio Consulting, a German speech technology consultancy: editing reports and project proposals
  • Aspire Consultancy: editing reports on race and inequality