What my customers say about working with me

I try to be a sensitive editor in a world where the virtual red pen can be a powerful weapon. I aim to balance consistency and correctness with respect for your voice so that your writing is credible and appropriate for your audience.


Here is what some of my customers have said about working with me:


"Thanks for the diligent and (imo) inspired editing etc. As I have said before, this is the first time I've enjoyed the editing process ... it has been oddly absorbing and educational."
Professor Norbert Hornstein, author of The Merge Hypothesis (Cambridge University Press, 2024)




"I can’t express how much I appreciate this edit. It is one of the most intelligent and attentive proofs I’ve ever received. So glad your linguist-classicist experience came in handy! Seriously, this edit has improved the text and I’m grateful."

Jae Emerling, author of Transmissibility: Writing Aesthetic History (Routledge, 2023)

"I still marvel at the sharpness of your eye in finding the errors. I appreciate your comments – some of them make me smile … All your comments make me think and you make very sensible suggestions. … Once again, Sue, thank you so much for your work. I am confident in publishing this one knowing that errors and inconsistencies will not mar the writing so giving the book a chance to be read without distraction."


"You actually add real value to what I do, are so professional, never make demands, and add a large touch of humanity to the isolating activity of writing. And I love your asides in the comments you make and deeply treasure when you say you like the book."

Ted Dunphy, author of Rowing Down the World to Auckland (Canaan-Star Publishing, 2015) and Don't Poke the Fire (Canaan-Star Publishing, 2015), The Devil to Pay (Canaan-Star Publishing, 2015), and Snuff O'Brien's Private War (Canaan-Star Publishing, 2017, A View from the Boiler House Door (Canaan-Star Publishing, 2018), and the Teachers Count trilogy (working title), August 2021)




"WOO HOO!  I’m done! Thanks again for your very careful reading/copy-editing, Sue. Like I said, you found omissions where previous book and journal editors did not, and I’m grateful for that (as future generations of scholars, will also be, hopefully)."

John R. Rickford, author of Variation, Versatility and Change in Sociolinguistics and Creole Studies (Cambridge University Press, 2019)




"We would like to thank for your copy-editing and attention to detail in the production of our book. The Linguistic Society of America has informed us that the book has won their 2021 Leonard Bloomfield Book Award."
John Esling, co-editor of Voice Quality (Cambridge University Press, 2019)


"On behalf of the editors, I would like thank you for the excellent job you have done as copy editor. We couldn’t have asked for a better one, and on occasions you ’saved our bacon’ (well my bacon then!) and in doing so helped us to avoid some glaring errors. We couldn’t have asked for a better copy editor.  You were truly outstanding."

Brian Hopkins, editor of Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development (Cambridge University Press, 2017)




"Sue provides excellent, proactive copy-editing services. She just completed work on a new book of mine, and was fast, thorough and easy to work with. A particular characteristic of her work is that she not only identified problems, but also suggested solutions that were always completely consistent with the style and content of the book. Great work, and I'm certain the book will be much better as a result."

David Cropley, Associate Professor of Engineering Innovation at the University of South Australia, and author of Creativity and Crime (Cambridge University Press, 2013)




"I found Sue to be extremely professional, efficient, competent and helpful. … she picked up points in my manuscript which were really outside her instructions but in the event impacted upon the story, and I remain grateful to her for that … You develop a relationship with someone who is working on your manuscript that you have spent months or years creating.  You need to know that this person will respect your efforts, be interested in your work and help you to produce a final manuscript that you can be proud of.  That is what I felt Sue would do for me and she did not disappoint me."

Kenneth Ballantyne, author of Another Dawn Another Dusk (Laundry Cottage books, 2009), All the Things You Are (Laundry Cottage Books, 2012), First Wave (Laundry Cottage Books, 2013), and Holding the Line (Laundry Cottage Books, 2017)




"In your respect for the detail, and careful consultations with me on
everything, you have been confidence-instilling at every turn. I
have 3 other things at proof-stage at the moment, and can say without hesitation that yours is the most reliable and sensitively attuned copyediting I have encountered."

Judith Buchanan, author of Shakespeare on Silent Film (Cambridge University Press, 2009)